The problem

An example of crowd poses a problem in the covid-19 emegency

Covid-19 poses a new challenge for public health.

We have to change behaviour and workplaces to protect our people. We believe that state-of-art technology is the answer.

Our solution

peopleEngine is a product enabling video monitoring

We've developed the state-of-art vision algorithms to face the different problems the Covid-19 poses. We provide the software solution to work with compatible cameras or we can provide cameras and computing hardware if needed.

We also believe that privacy is as important as health, our solution compute all the algorithms "on-board" without sharing images of the peoples

Out software solution that collects images from ip cameras and performs AI algorithms.

Algorithms in action

The algorithms

Out people counter algorithm detecting people standing too close

People counter for restricted places.

On public transportation, shops and hospitals there could be a limit of people. We provide you an immediate and reliable measurement.

Distance measurement for monitoring crowds.

We have to rethink working places to reduce risks, we provide you a measure of the distance between each person.

Our person distance measurement algorithms detecting crowds
We developed a mask detection algorithm that recognize if you're wearing a mask properly

Mask detection for critical locations.

Our algorithm detects masks and if these are worn properly. Both nose and mouth must be covered for an effective protection

Heatmap generation for the right communication.

It is crucial to allow people to see which areas could be more dangerous. The heatmap generation algorithm allow to show employees where to be extra careful.

It's also useful to rethink spaces and to understand which areas need more sanitization

We generate heatmaps to identify areas that need more sanitizations

Looking for partners

We're expanding our network.

We're always looking for partners and technology providers that are willing to adopt our technology. Feel free to contact us

Our Clients

Milan Bergamo Airport